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Why are live events so important?

Thursday 22nd June 2017

LII 2017 will attract thousands of UK and international attendees from corporations – representing all major sectors, plus government, research and academia. Attendees are senior staff, key end-users, influencers and decision-makers with budget responsibilities.  They will include department heads across all functions (R&D, finance, IT, procurement, etc.) plus information brokers, librarians and licensing mangers.

Market sectors will include Banking, Business, Education, Energy, Engineering, Finance, Government, Legal and Pharma. Attendees will engage with exhibitors on their stands, at the open conference, facilitated networking events and more.

Why are live events so valuable?

  1. Inspiration

Listening to industry leaders, disruptive insurgents, experts and provocative speakers prompts new ideas and changes views and priorities – this all still has so much more force in real life.

  1. Best practice sharing

Establishing a rapport with your industry colleagues and peers is so much easier face to face, and lays the groundwork for sharing problems and listening to alternative solutions.

  1. Community

Live events can define an industry, and build connections between buyers, sellers, policy makers, trade associations, advisors and competitors.  Smart media brands can use events to associate themselves with the community around the sector and become more closely intertwined.

  1. Feedback and research

An event is an unrivalled chance to talk to your audience informally, and learn how they feel about hot topics in their sector, and your products and services.

  1. Content creation

Events spark unexpected debates, explore controversial topics and showcase new technology and new thinking.  They are excellent for launching new research and can create plenty of valuable content for the media part of your business.

  1. Commercial opportunities

Sponsors and clients value the chance to showcase their technology, their ideas and their expertise, and build lasting relationships with potential customers.  Carefully handled, live events add immensely to a marketing campaign.

This is an extract from a longer article by Carolyn Morgan, an experienced digital media and publishing consultant.  Read the full version here:  https://penmaen.media/2017/06/live-events-still-matter-publishers/

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