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LII 2017 Webinar #1 – “Creating and developing value compliantly beyond traditional information delivery”

Tuesday 13th June 2017

LII hosted the first in a series of live webinars last month. Our guest speaker, Carmen Burkhardt, Global Head of the Novartis Knowledge Center Information Acquisition Group, talked about an innovative approach Novartis is using to deliver information compliantly. This included key principles to simplifying the user experience through integrated tools and automated workflows and how these improve the impact of information products within Novartis.

Carmen outlined the Novartis vision of an ideal information world, where technology can be used to analyse, structure and integrate information – and how data can be shared with external collaborators.

Key concerns for Novartis included evolving working styles such as mobility, accessing information from personal devices, open innovation and extended user rights.  Carmen explained the importance of compliancy and copyright and how Novartis communicates usage rights to end users – but also the frustration of copyright not keeping pace with technology and workflow; that copyright is often perceived as a “show stopper” and indeed some content providers are taking away usage rights.

Carmen provided lots of excellent answers to numerous questions about as how corporations increase visibility of their own published articles; how Novartis manages the expectations of young colleagues, who perhaps had access to more content at university.  Other questions included using published information externally and storing relevant articles for projects. Open access was also a topic in the Q&A – how this affects Novartis and who funds the article processing charge. Real world evidence and the role text mining plays is also an on-going topic.

Specific products like RefWorks, EndNote to pharma researchers’ perception of Altmetric were also discussed. Novartis uses metrics to help allocate the costs for content across their business and Carmen also spoke about how metrics help identify those who should be using specific information sources and how. There were questions too about document delivery and how link resolvers help fulfil users’ needs.

Over 150 people registered to attend the webinar and our thanks go to RightsDirect for their sponsor support. If you did not have chance to attend and would like to listen to the webinar offline click on the following link: bit.ly/RDwebinarreplay and we will send you a recording.