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Exclusive Research Partner

London Info International has partnered with Outsell, Inc. to offer clients access to Outsell’s Intelligence Platform at an accessible price point normally reserved for Outsell clients. Outsell’s Intelligence Platform is a unique platform that offers firms in media, information, and data ground-breaking research, confidential decision-making, and key insights on the disruptive and competitive forces driving market trends. Partnering with Outsell enables London Info International to bring members closer to the pulse of industry innovations, while providing tools to help firms navigate changes and make research-based decisions that help their businesses grow and plan for tomorrow.

Think of the service as an extension of London Info Internationals current deliverables — and an extension of your own team. Outsell monitors and analyzes the industry, tracks M&A activity, crunches the numbers, and provides trusted decision-support normally reserved for the industry’s largest companies. Now, you too can have this amazing service. Together, London Info International and Outsell have your back.

Access to Outsell’s Intelligence Platform includes:

An individual license for you to ground-breaking Outsell research, including reports and daily Insights by segment, covering the hottest trends and topics in your Selected Market Segment as well as databases of companies you’re looking to acquire or track.

Confidential Access via the community portal to Outsell’s analysts for validating assumptions and expert advisory on markets, trends, opportunities, and threats in the context of decisions you’re making.

Tools for your role, including a segment explorer, valuations, and operating benchmarks.

A preferred investment on Custom Research & Consulting for diving deeper into challenging issues.



Outsell’s Coverage for London Info International:

Science, Technology & Medical

We treat this segment as we do our own health — holistically. Our coverage spans global trends and analytics for population health management, health record software, drug databases, healthcare journals, and medical reference books and databases for professionals and consumers.

Education Content, Training & Human Capital Management

Class is always in session for Outsell. From evolving edtech solutions to new workflow tools, our coverage spans content and solutions supporting activities in K-12, higher education, and corporate training.

Media, Marketing and Analytics

Adtech, martech, digital media, marketing spend, advertising budgets — it’s all crucial and constantly changing. Where is the money flowing? We meticulously monitor this segment, focusing on spending, solutions, and what’s coming up next.

Information Management and Libraries

From shrinking budgets to new technologies, we cover the most important issues affecting the IM community. These include understanding users’ information and research needs, keeping current with new library technology and information products, understanding services and workflow tools, treating data as a strategic asset, and tying library value to the strategic goals of the enterprise.

Industry Service Providers

Who’s who in the information industry? We cover all of the service providers so you’re always aware of potential opportunities or threats.

Financial, Tax, Legal, Governance, Risk & Compliance

Convergence of information and technology is the new normal. Our coverage in this area details workflow solutions, credit ratings, consumer and commercial credit information, investment information, risk and compliance management, tax and accounting, and board and information governance.

Content Technology and Distribution Services

It’s all about the end user. How do you deliver the right content in the right format through the right channels? We cover emerging technologies and businesses who are cutting-edge with new distribution models and services.


Gain trusted advisory with Outsell’s analytic team and fine-tune your strategy to propel your firm forward. To subscribe to the service or for more information,  click here.